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13 Dimensional Master - Deposit Only

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For anyone on the path of personal transformation and self-realization this experiential workshop is a true gift to the self.

You will be supported to take a huge step forward on your own personal path of transformation. This is facilitated through meditations and personal activations. These meditations clear away emotional debris, behavioral patterns and programming that no longer serves you. The personal activations bring through, for each individual person, exactly what is needed for you to be further empowered and to live in mastery.

Meditations/Activities will include:
• 13 Personal activations
• DNA activations and clearances
• Chakra clearings
• Antahkarana activation
• Lightbody activation
• Grounding
• Hands on energy sharing practice
• Creating a vortex
• Discussions on Living in Mastery, Love Without Conditions, Self Empowerment, Freedom from Fear, The Insane Ego and more.